What the Critics are saying about our new album – out now!

Listen to what these 10 critics had to say about Universal Thee’s new album:

“all watched over by machines of loving grace”


1. “Unashamed alt-pop, mixed with grunge, rock and indie overtones” – Scotland on Sunday.

2. “think a more winsome Teenage Fanclub, with girl/boy vocals, or Belle and Sebastian with a shot of something in their Vimto” – The Crack Magazine

3. “Universal Thee should be universally loved” – The Daily Record

4. “Neither is All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace over-polished, the album’s rough edges, lo-fi chops (on tracks such as Sail Away) and gliding naturalism adding to the wider sense of bounce. Sophisticated? Not especially. Grin-inducing? Very much so” – The Skinny

5. “Harking back to classic Ash or Pixies, melodic guitars are paired with some great male/female vocal harmonies in a song that is only too happy to get stuck in your head. It is a great advert for what to expect off the band’s upcoming second album” – Fame Magazine

6. “The songwriting is at its most inspired and original and the entire band are tremendously tight and impassioned. Make sure you get All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace when it is released: An album that marks the five-piece as a name to watch very closely” – musicmusingandsuch

7. “Speaker has a rare energy, a real sense of focus, with Universal Thee rapidly entering their stride” – Clash Music

8. “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace is a flirtation which, whilst seducing ears with its pop charm, has the body bouncing and worming around like a slinky. The second album from Scottish alternative popsters Universal Thee brings a smile to the spirit and infectious revelry to the day and whereas their critically acclaimed debut album had ears and voices seriously enticed its potential has simply been blossomed to new refreshing heights in its successor” – Ring Master Reviews

9. “The ramped-up second album from Edinburgh’s Universal Thee dives headfirst into a world of jangled distortion” – Songwriting Magazine

10. “The band seem to have mastered the art of crafting infectiously catchy songs and compelling guitar riffs all whilst playfully utilising the male and female vocals to create seamless harmonies made all the better, in my view, by the distinctive Scottish lilt” – Gigslutz

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