Our second LP, All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, available on iTunes.


Like fog/music? The teaser video for our second single, Keep Falling. Have a gander.



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What The Press Are Saying

Pat McGuire MyVoice Of Scotland

Universal Thee are poppy and punky and indie and rocky in equal measures... They have that unquantifiable and elusive ingredient that... just can’t be faked or manufactured. It has to just happen, it has to be part of an alignment of fate/synchronicity/talent and of course, hard work.​

The Daily Record

The debut album from the Edinburgh five-piece jingles and jangles in all the right places. Opening track Bone Collector bounces about with BMX Bandit abandon, while Wolves sounds like a nursery rhyme with bite. A highlight is Aranis Natas, which conjures up the psychedelic freak pop of Clinic.


a hefty slice of upbeat, catchy, punky pop-rock